Must Be Some Camera

First of all, before exploitation this camera… read the capsulate optical disk booklet given the camera. There area unit several options and settings that you will got to recognize before you get out on the water to use your camera system. We’ve used many various brands and every one appear to own some logical settings and a few not-so-logical procedures. Like most ‘point and shoot’ cameras, there’s a delay between pushing on the shutter and having the particular shutter operation. when you become aware of the operation of the camera and therefore the options you are prepared for the underwater half.


Like any housing, you wish to stay the housing clean and free from sand or grit that might produce a leak. Since the most seal isn’t extremely associate o’ring, i used to be terribly careful to scrub the surfaces with a cotton tip (Qtip) and apply some o’ring grease to the surface likewise as a skinny film on the seal itself. The seal is style of a trigon, therefore it ought to offer a decent positive pressure seal and cheap vlogging camera under 300. The clean half is additional for all the small management buttons that enable you to vary settings of the camera underwater. We’ll get into the simplest settings we have a tendency to found once exploitation the camera underwater.


When they say the housing is sweet to fifteen meters or around thirty three feet, they’re not lying. Not that we have a tendency to were attempting to flood the housing or something, however at sixty feet the camera isn’t operational as a result of the pressure is squeeze the controls and shuts the camera off. At 40 feet, you may get the camera to figure, however do not calculate dynamic¬† the settings. At thirty five feet the camera appears to figure fine with all the options and settings operational. for several different, this may be too limiting as a result of most of your dives are deeper than thirty five feet. However, confine mind that the red/yellow/orange finish of the spectrum is filtered out on the far side this depth too.

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